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Elevate Lives. Elevate Rome.

Elevation House is in the business of changing and shaping lives. We are a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization who offers people living with mental illness opportunities for community, friendships, life-skills, job skills as well as employment, housing and education connections. We also help with access to medical and psychiatric services in a caring and safe environment. This social and economic inclusion reverses the alarming trends of higher suicide, hospitalization and incarceration rates associated with mental illness.


People living with mental illness often require a variety of social and medical services. Elevation House helps our members access community services - psychiatric care, general medical services, government disability benefits and other services.

Interactive Virtual Programming

We literally meet our members exactly where they are. Our virtual programming provides the opportunity to engage and interact no matter the location. 

We also believe in the power of Peer-Led Programming. Our members have the opportunity to share their skills, interests and expertise. 


As a right of membership, Elevation House provides our members with opportunities return to paid employment. This happens in integrated work settings through both Transitional Employment and Independent Employment programs.

Our Employment Partners:


Watch this video to hear the firsthand testimonies of the IMPACT Elevation House has on members?


Safe, decent, dignified housing is a right of all members. Elevation House helps members to locate and access quality housing.


Sometimes mental illness interrupts educational plans. Elevation House, with staff assistance, offers educational opportunities for members consistent with their goals and abilities. For some, this might mean completing high school via a GED program. For others, it could involve technical school or college.


Elevation House is an intentionally organized community of members. Our Clubhouse provides members with meaningful programming that offers dignity, personal relationships and the opportunity to reach their potential. Our members and the community of Rome both receive significant benefits.

What We Do: What We Do
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